Just Like Lookin' In A Mirror

They say, "Everybody has a twin."

My second ex husband once removed is one of those gentlemen that shave their heads. Not all men can pull off that look but I think he carries it rather well. He uses a product called Bald Guyz.

X2’s Brother from another Mother, Tim, was beboppin’ down the aisles of Walgreens late one Christmas season night. Doing what everyone else does during any shopping season, not really shopping, but keeping an eye out for the perfect gift. They’re easy to find in Walgreens, it’s that kind of a store.

Suddenly, Tim stops, mid epiphany, and says “Well, I have to buy that for X2.” It was sitting there on a shelf, one of those misty sunbeams around it, little cherubs fluttering around. It was as if it had been custom made for X2, it was fate, karma, kismet and just plain iconic.
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Well, X2 loved it, he became a regular customer, after emptying his gift, he went to the store and began searching for himself. His little doppelganger on the blue box made him grin. What a find!

Then, as happens so many times, it was over as suddenly as it began. Though his shiny bald guy head moisturizing lotion polish stuff still made him well conditioned, still provided that just right sheen, not glaringly bright, not just naked flesh. It had changed, you know. X2 could see it from down the aisle as he made his way to the Bald Guyz section of Walgreens. He’d been replaced.

It was like they was twins, reverse dimpled twins.

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