Oh, Promise Me

Easter is a good time to reflect on promises.

First, there’s the promise of the crucifixion and resurrection. A lot of people don’t believe. Even if you are not a Christian, I think you can still appreciate the idea of so great a love that it gives up everything so that you can be free. Fighting in war is like that too, isn’t it? Men and Women in our Armed Forces put their lives on the line every second of everyday to protect freedom.

Next, the promise of a beautiful, sunny Easter morning. In the almost half-century I’ve called this earth home, I’ve found that usually no matter how rainy or gloomy the days leading up to Easter are, Easter is a perfect day. Sure, there have been years where an indoor egg hunt had to suffice, but not that many. A sunny morning can lift your spirit. My mother used to say “Nothing smells like a Mississippi morning.” I love to take in a deep breath of sweet country air. I usually don’t care for birds unless they are cooked, but, their chirping heralds the new day.

Check me out in my Easter finery, 1962 with 2nd cousin Bill and my Grandmother Louise

Third, Spring. Spring promises us that life goes on. Spring means baby animals and trees sprouting delicate green leaflets on bare branches. Spring is a reprieve from dreary winter, a sweet preface to sultry summer. Field trips and proms and end of the school year concerts.

D. Promises that do not have to be kept, they just are. Stories passed down generation to generation, the promise that you will persevere, because you come from hardy stock. My cousin, Clara Mae, who was a mother to teenagers when I was six, says that the secret to living a long life is reading every day. It does not matter if it is the newspaper, a novel or a recipe on the back of a soup can. Learn something new every day. She is in her eighties in this 2004 photo. She had recently recovered from breaking something from falling off her barn. I don’t remember why she was on her barn, let’s just say she’s a character and there is no telling.

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