Girl Friday

I bet you been thinkin’, “now, why don’t she write”. (Dances With Wolves)

Hay Ya’ll!!!!

I’ve been sick with the crazies for a couple of weeks, med tweaking, stuff like that there.
Anyway, hopefully I’m back, I know it had to be tragic without my fabulousness. HAHA

Right before that, my fab hi skool bud and her hubs, stopped by on the roll thru back to Cajun Country and we enjoyed a 3 Margarita lunch at my fave Mexican restaurant. It was great and when I go to La, I am looking her up!

So, anyway, yesterday was the 16 year anniversary at my job. Yeah, 16 years ago I was fresh faced 30something “career girl” (Wong Fu) driving a 83ish yellow Toyota Celia with a broken speedometer and an awesome sun roof. I once got two tickets in 20 minutes in two different counties, in that car, Miss Carlett. I also spun out on 61 in Tunica one icy morn during ICE STORM ’94! Almost hit a cop. Ah, dem was da days.

This job has lasted longer than the combined time consumed by my two failed marriages. Heck, it passed that milestone 5 years ago. I found out about the Oklahoma City bombing and watched the O.J. verdict in the canteen. I was at work when my boss called in a said that a plane had just flown into one world trade center tower and while he was on the phone, the second tower was also hit. Katrina filled the house with storm refugees and displaced co-workers from coastal properties.

In sixteen years I’ve owned 9 cars, had 4 addresses, had 3 operations (one was a c section) 4 pairs of glasses, 3 tickets, voted for president 4 times, been to 10 funerals, done 7 different jobs at ye olde place of employment, took 9 trips out of state, went to 15 concerts and three weddings (hmmm). I’ve lost hair during the aftershock of an illness (thank God, it grew back to its thick uncontrollable self) went through a Bible thumping 3 times a week church attendance phase, was a blonde for awhile, went through a horrible stressful experience with my second ex-husband’s second ex-wife,( heretofore known as Bat, cos that is what she is as crazy as) got to see part of a movie filmed.

Whew, what a roller coaster life is. It’s got hills and valleys, ups and downs, fast paced breath stopping action. I’ve gone from having three television station reception to having internet access in my pocket. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize you ain’t seen shit.

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