I am a proud Louisissippian. Born in Attala Co Ms (I was born in the same town as the world's richest female media mogul type woman who acts sometimes and has the most world famous talkshow ever, but i ain't namin' names.) Moved around between Jackson and Walls til the age of 5, when I moved to Lafayette, Louisiana. Back in Miss, La, Miss, La and that was in one year, I went to 5 schools in the first grade. Louisiana til mid '68 Miss...yak yak yak..you get the picture.
Anyway, I lived Fourteen years, altogether in Lafayette, Louisiana. I went to the same high school for all four years of my Spartan career. That was a big deal for me, I'd never gone to a school for more than one year, except for grades 3-5 in Brandon, Mississippi.

So, I am a Louisissippian. I haven't lived in Lafayette since '86, but I get back from time to time. Lafayette is always with me, though. Not a day goes by that I don't think of good ol' Laffy at least once. I miss Mardi Gras, real Cajun cooking, drive thru daiquiri huts, I remember somethings about High School, my first through fifth jobs at various answering services around town. I care about a lot of people back there. The two people that know Vi ages 14-25 better than anyone else, are in Louisiana.
Now don't get me wrong, I am a Mississippi gal. I have Redneck tendancies. I love turnip greens and corn bread. I go to Natchez and tour Longwood every few years. Ask me my hometown. Eudora Mississippi. Doesn't even have it's own post office. has to schelp along on the charity of a mini city 12 miles away.

Let me state, here, now, on the World Wide Web..Geaux Saints!!!!!!!

I have a very fragmented sentence for you. 2A.M..............Subie Surfing..........lost glasses. Ah.......Eudora!

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