The Natural

It seems my daughter, Chris, is a natural at sewing. She must be channelling my Mother, who also "sewed by ear".

Both my daughters are faithful gaming convention participants. Chris started making her own costume pieces when she couldn't find them on the web. She did it all by hand at first, but got more ambitious and so needed a sewing machine to do ......something. I don't know sewing terms, she didn't get the talent from me. She used a machine for the first time under the watchful eye of it's owner, and once her savant seamstress appeared, the advisor went on to watch soaps.

In the time it took me to finally procure a machine, Chris continued to create by hand, including a "Mario" hat that is nothing short of a masterpiece.
<<<< MY Baby (She looks like her dad here)

Finally, she got the machine for her birthday. She showed such promise just teaching herself the machine, I allowed her to hem her sister's $80 satin chorus dress.

And so, my bunny has decided to tackle an Alice Wonderland, not Brady Bunch costume for her first full fledged sewing project.

with pin tucks, no less

Such concentration, such form

until tomorrow.....

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