We want a kitten. A kitten from an inside cat who has been raised indoors and is used to people handling them. I want to raise a kitten into a cat, young enough to adapt to us, not coming into the home assuming you are their human bidding doers.

We have a dog, and I love her lots, but I looove cats, I can't help it. I torture myself looking at LOL Cat sites, but I can turn into blathering kitty mush for the right cat. Cats and babies turn me into a baby talking voice over machine. Chris is even allergic to cats, not diagnosed or anything, just after we gave away 2 cats (they were mean anti social cats, it was best we parted ways) she stopped the practically non stop sneezing she has done since birth. Silly me, I never put 2 and 2 together, but so great was our kitty love it was a hint we purposely overlooked accidentally.
It's the purring, the dainty paws, the little ears, those whiskers......oh, I could go on. People who do not love cats think I am crazy. Cat lovers understand.
Now, I could hate cats, my mother had cats, a whole colony of cats, a virtual kit and caboodle. She put animals before people, and that ain't right. I don't hate them, I wuv dems vewwy ....anyway, I digress.
We especially want one now, so we can name it Marie. It might seem silly, but we feel strongly about this and we can be mighty headstrong stubborn folks. Chris wants one maybe more than me and Mel, sneezing de damned. Wuvs kitties, wuvs dem....us.....do

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