Today I am incensed by Mo&*(r *&^c*er s. It all deals with unnatural deaths.

First……my fellow 1978 Graduate of CHS. I don’t remember ever interacting with Tim, but I remember him. I remember that he was outgoing. R.I.P.

Next. I know this happened back in January, but somehow I am just finding out about Phoebe Prince. She hung herself. Kids from school were bullying her, in person and electronically.

The Dating Game contestant/winner murderer guy. BTK Killer, Joseph Duncan. I HATE those guys.

You hear about senseless killings all the time and sometimes it hits close to home. I’ve been lucky so far that it’s not happened in my immediate sphere, but it could and I do not know how I would deal with it. I get so emotionally involved in these tragedies. Is our future predestined? If your time is up, does God put you in a place where you are sure to die. What about situations where scores of people die at once, were all their numbers up and the same time. If you get caught up in someone else’s “appointment” are you reincarnated, sort of a cosmic do-over. Natural death is hard enough, what kind of grief must come with knowing your loved one suffered before they died?

Bullying someone so relentlessly that they take their own lives to escape it, how do these cliques evolve? One person in that group of kids didn’t have enough moral fortitude to say, “come on, Dudes, back off. We’ve done enough.” Not one? And these were girls, mostly, the kinder (we are taught) gender.
I have a love/hate relationship with High School memories. I was teased for being overweight. I spent a good deal of those four years trying to be unnoticed. We all have a few memories like that. If you don’t have those memories, you might have been the bully. Are all bullies just mean and ornery? Do some of them practice defensive bullying because they are being bullied elsewhere?

Serial killers, pedophiles, people who shoot people at schools, restaurants and business plaza’s …….I always wonder how their parents feel. How do you stand the fact your child inflicted death on other human beings? Surely no one sets out to raise a homicidal maniac.

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  1. There are some very damaged souls on this earth. Thanks goodness there are also sweet ones that make our lives that much better. There is some balance between the damaged and the sweet... it's the only thing I can find that approaches any logic or reason in this kind of tragedy. One of the saddest things is that the damaged probably don't have much of a concept of the sweet. If they did, who knows what they might be instead. Sad. I was acquainted with Tim in high school and he was funny and nice and kind to me. I really enjoyed knowing him and this loss made me truly sad.