Life Goes On

Today my Mother-In-Law, Marie, would have been 79.

I remember her 62nd birthday. She came over to our house wearing a big sign announcing the news. "Whatever".

Last night, the girls and I were invited to eat supper with the family at Ryans. Marie loved these get together. She would have loved last night's and I'm sure she was there in all our spirits.

But as much as we miss her, I keep expecting my cell phone to ring and hear "It's MEEEE!", we can't stay mired down in sorrow, and she certainly wouldn't want us to.

That's Marie's great granddaughters Shellie and Bess with Auntie Jane looking on. It's a beautiful capture of the generations left behind. (BTW one of those babies is a doll......and the other one's a toy) Some day those girls will be Mothers and their mothers will be the MawMaws. See, it's a big giant happy circle. Disney made a movie about it, the circle of life, check it out. A little animated film called The Lion King.
BTW~~~~Happy Birthday Dr Cuz

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