Oooh....I'll Give You Such a Pinch

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.

I love St. Patrick's Day, because I am Irish, at least maternally. Not sure what I am paternally, with my limited knowledge of my father's family (which came to me from Dot and may or may not be accurate). So I tell people I am Irish and White Trash.

Ah, me mother was an O'Brien, I think that her great grandfather was a first generation American. I don't know why the family left Ireland but I imagine they came to the new world looking for their fortunes.

Now, this is a warning. If you do not wear green tomorrow (Obviously this is directed to people I will physically see tomorrow) I will pinch you. Not hard, just a token pinch, but I'll do it. I start reminding people well ahead of time of their fate if they don't wear green. I do not think that green eyes should count, but I go along with it, BEGRUDGINGLY. I am admittedly aggravating about this, but usually I try to be charming and as lovable as possible ahem so I think people should afford me this, cos I don't ask for much.

There are a few people who escape my thumb-n-fore finger, but only because they've raised such a fuss in the past that it is no fun for me. Some (1) have gotten down right mean. True enough these people don't have a drop of Irish blood in them, and the old adage "Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day" holds no sway with them. They are the Scrooges of St. Patrick's day, but they don't see the light by the end of the story. Bah Humbug and Begora on them!

BTW, what does Sylvester Stallone say on St. Patrick's Day? Yo! Begora!

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